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This lists photos posted to the site. Archive for 2014.

Bike and sunset

Image link - posted 2014-02-04

Nogmaals het boorplatform

Image link - posted 2014-02-05

Walking around the city I ran into the peace palace

Image link - posted 2014-02-06

Have a look at my photos on Flickr

I just added a link to my Flickr feed to the list of links at the top of most pages.

Permalink - posted 2014-02-07

Railroad nostalgia in Rotterdam

A couple of days ago, I posted this picture:

Turns out, this railroad bridge from the 1920s across the Meuse river in Rotterdam has its own documentary film: De brug (Wikipedia link) or The Bridge, by Joris Ivens, 1928.

Read the article - posted 2014-02-09

First photo with my new camera: The Hague skyline by night

Image link - posted 2014-02-19

Elevated trains

Image link - posted 2014-02-21

Donker op straat in Den Haag

De straatverlichting in een deel van het Haagse Regentes-Valkenbos deed het vanavond niet, waardoor je goed de sterren kon zien.

Read the article - posted 2014-02-21

Testing cameras on the oil rig

As you may know by now, there's an oil rig 12 km off the coast of The Hague. 12 kilometers is pretty far away, so it's not easy to photograph. Even with a long zoom lens it shows up pretty tiny:

Read the article - posted 2014-03-02

By the way, this is what the peace palace looks like in the morning sun

Image link - posted 2014-03-10

Den Haag kiest komende woensdag!

Image link - posted 2014-03-15


Op Teletekst stond ineens dat het oude CBS-gebouw in Voorburg afgebroken gaat worden.

Mooie reden om er nog snel even een paar foto's van te maken.

Read the article - posted 2014-03-16

Gemeenteraadsverkiezingen / city council elections: StemTram

Today we had city council elections in the Netherlands. In an effort to stave off historically low turnouts (predictions were less than 50%) many cities use various gimmicks to attract voters. Here in The Hague it was possible to vote in a historic bus and a historic tram (streetcar), 50-year-old PCC. I went out to take some photos and a video. The first ones were at the kerkplein ("church square") where the stemtram (voting streetcar) looked a bit lost between the old, big church and the old city hall building (with the tower), especially as there were all kinds of trucks parked around the church, apparently there's a big event there.

In Den Haag had de gemeente een historische stembus en stemtram ingezet om kiezers te lokken. De stemtram is een PCC uit 1964. Ik was als eerste gaan kijken en wat foto's maken op het kerkplein, waar de stemtram er een beetje verloren bij stond tussen de grote kerk en het oude stadhuis, vooral ook omdat er allemaal vrachtwagens stonden om blijkbaar een evenement in de grote kerk op te bouwen.

Read the article - posted 2014-03-19

The navy is keeping and eye on the Nuclear Security Summit

When I heard about navy ships patrolling the coast off of The Hague during the Nuclear Security Summit I was expecting bigger ships... From the beach I couldn't even tell whether this was a navy ship or a yacht, especially because it's so bright white. But the canon on the front deck kind of gives it away.

And of course I included my favorite photographic subject, the oil rig.

Permalink - posted 2014-03-23

Het nieuwe centraal station van Rotterdam

Image link - posted 2014-04-14

Stoomtrein Goes-Borsele

Image link - posted 2014-04-20

PCC 1165 van het HOVM rijdt langs station Den Haag HS

Image link - posted 2014-04-26

Duif in Rotterdam

Image link - posted 2014-05-10

HTM GTL 3046 tram lijn 1

Image link - posted 2014-05-11

HTM GTL 3049 tram lijn 12

Image link - posted 2014-05-18

Stemmen in het hol van de leeuw

Image link - posted 2014-05-22

Hommel in Amsterdam

Image link - posted 2014-05-24

Arriva Spurt trein

Image link - posted 2014-05-31

HTM gemoderniseerde GTL 3106 en oudere GTL 3043 tram lijn 11

Image link - posted 2014-06-02

Sunset behind the oil rig

Image link - posted 2014-06-05


Image link - posted 2014-06-08

Bussen Haags Bus Museum

Image link - posted 2014-06-15

HTM-bussen oude busplatorm station Den Haag CS

Image link - posted 2014-06-15

HTM RegioCitadis 4042 Randstadrail lijn 3 halte Beatrixkwartier (netkous)

Image link - posted 2014-06-18

The Atlantikwall

Yesterday was Architecture Day (Dag van de Architectuur) in The Netherlands. One of the activities for DvdA The Hague was tours of several bunkers in the dunes that were part of the Atlantikwall during WOII, organized by the Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen.

Read the article - posted 2014-06-22

Some macro photos

A couple of months ago I bought a Micro-NIKKOR 105mm 1:2.8 manual focus macro lens. Today I went for a nice long walk just outside the city and got some use out of this lens.

Read the article - posted 2014-06-28

De nieuwe Avenio tram staat op het punt op Haagse rails geplaatst te worden

Image link - posted 2014-07-05

I'm so disappointed: The Hague's newest Avenio trams/streetcars don't run IPv6!

Or maybe they're dual stack and the display simply isn't big enough to show the IPv6 address?

Yesterday in the middle of the night, the first of the new Siemens Avenio trams was delivered, just in time for the unveiling after the parade of old trams celebrating 150 years of trams in The Hague. Click to show the full article with 15 more photos of the Avenio delivery and the tram parade; captions are in Dutch.

Read the article - posted 2014-07-05

150 jaar tram in Den Haag

Permalink - posted 2014-07-05

Goudenregenstraat Den Haag in zwart/wit

Image link - posted 2014-07-07

Treinkaartje 1839 - 2014

Image link - posted 2014-07-09

PCC op de brug over het kanaal

Image link - posted 2014-07-12

Trams: oud versus nieuw op lijn 9 en bij het centraal station

Hoewel ik het na de drukte van vorige week eigenlijk wel gezien had voorlopig, kon ik het toch niet laten om gister nog wat plaatjes van oude trams te schieten, maar nu zit wat mij betreft het oudetramfotografieseizoen er wel op.

De reden om toch gister nog op pad te gaan met de camera is dat er nu oude trams over de route van lijn 9 reden, wat bij de normale ritten op zondagmiddag niet gebeurt. En de route van lijn 9 wordt binnenkort onder handen genomen om er straks de bredere Avenio's (zie foto's vorige week) over te kunnen laten rijden. Dus misschien was dit wel de laatste kans om de oude gele PCC's te zien rijden als lang geleden toen ik met tram 9 naar school ging.

Read the article - posted 2014-07-13

Kades zijn gerenoveerd, vanaf vandaag rijdt tram 11 weer z'n normale route!

Image link - posted 2014-08-01

And it's noisy, too

Image link - posted 2014-08-08

Opening Apple Store Den Haag

Read the article - posted 2014-08-09


Image link - posted 2014-08-19

De PCC-dag van het HOVM en de meettram

Vandaag hield het Haags Openbaar Vervoer Museum weer z'n tweejaarlijkse PCC-dag.

Read the article - posted 2014-08-24

PCC 1304 en drie GTLs bij de oude keerlus Zwarte Pad

Image link - posted 2014-08-31

It can be windy at the beach

Image link - posted 2014-09-08

Finally! After two years the The Hague Central train station is now on Apple's maps.

Image link - posted 2014-09-16

We have a very handsome water tower in The Hague

Image link - posted 2014-10-02


Image link - posted 2014-10-26

I think this is the first time I've seen storks in the city

Image link - posted 2014-11-03

I think SeaTac is the only airport with rocking chairs

Image link - posted 2014-11-07

Groeten uit het vliegtuig naar Hawaii!

Image link - posted 2014-11-08

Hail has turned the dunes white

Image link - posted 2014-12-08

Donkere wolken pakken zich samen boven het binnenhof.

Image link - posted 2014-12-17

GTLs 3136, 3135, 3001 en 3111 bij de oude keerlus Zwarte Pad

Image link - posted 2014-12-17

Winter wonder land

Image link - posted 2014-12-28

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