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This lists photos posted to the site. Also see my photos on Flickr.


Image link - posted 2021-12-29 in

Skyline #12, december 2021

Image link - posted 2021-12-22 in

Mooi grijs is niet lelijk

Image link - posted 2021-12-04 in

Resizing photos in PHP with correct orientation/rotation and retaining EXIF data

When I got my first iPhone back in 2008, I hacked together a quick script that let me post photos from my iPhone to my website. However, iPhone photos are now 3 MB or larger, which is a bit much. So in practice I would edit the photos on my computer before posting them. But that gets old, so time for some automation.

The first photo I uploaded directly from my iPhone 3G, showing part of the script

Actually resizing images is easy enough in PHP using the imagecopyresampled() function. However, using the provided example script the result was that a photo that I took with my iPhone showed up rotated...

Full article / permalink - posted 2021-11-28

Nogmaals het SoZa-gebouw, nu bij wat meer licht

Image link - posted 2021-11-28 in

Ben benieuwd hoe lang het oude gebouw van het ministerie van sociale zaken nog staat

Image link - posted 2021-11-27 in

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