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This lists photos posted to the site. Archive for 2013.

HTM RegioCitadis Randstadrail lijn 3

Image link - posted 2013-01-20

Elektrische Haagse Harry

Image link - posted 2013-05-23

Zonsondergang bij eindpunt tram 12 Duindorp

Image link - posted 2013-06-29

Sheep as far as the eye can see

Image link - posted 2013-07-09

Gouda isn't just the home of tasty cheese, it also has a wonderful old city hall building

Image link - posted 2013-07-14

Mooie kleuren zijn belangrijk

Image link - posted 2013-07-19

Why does this make me think of Chicago?

Image link - posted 2013-07-20

Old trams are leet (via

Image link - posted 2013-07-21

HTM GTL 3023 tram wordt afgevoerd

Image link - posted 2013-07-23

If you only see one train station in Holland, see the Haarlem station

Image link - posted 2013-07-31

My OHM2013 photos

These are some photos I took at OHM2013.

Also see my photos from HAL2001 and HIP'97, WTH2005, HAR2009, and SHA2017.

Read the article - posted 2013-08-08

I like the bee coloring

Image link - posted 2013-08-09

Holy oil refinery, Batman!

Image link - posted 2013-08-12

It's nice to be able to go to the beach after dinner

Image link - posted 2013-08-14

4000 km in 7 months!

Image link - posted 2013-08-21

Photos International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen 2013

Yesterday on the penultimate day of the Internaational Vuurwerk Festival Scheveningen 2013 I took some photos with my new Canon Powershot SX280 camera. These are the results.

Read the article - posted 2013-08-24

Score! Fresh fruit growing in the middle of the city.

Image link - posted 2013-08-28


Image link - posted 2013-09-06

Radio Kootwijk gebouw A

This weekend, I was in the neighborhood of Radio Kootwijk, so I took advantage of that opportunity to take some photos of Radio Kootwijk gebouw A ("building A"). This is the site of a big shortwave radio transmitter that allowed the Netherlands to keep in contact with Indonesia, which was a colony of the Netherlands at that time. The time being the 1920s. I love this kind of art deco architecture.

Read the article - posted 2013-10-04

Vlak naast de Brienenoordbrug!

Image link - posted 2013-10-19

The sun has set on the last day of summertime

Image link - posted 2013-10-26

De lightning-kabel van de Albert Hein

Image link - posted 2013-11-06

Zevensprong Den Haag na zonsondergang

Image link - posted 2013-11-15

Colored leaves!

Image link - posted 2013-11-19

An oil rig off the coast of The Hague

When you're at the beach in The Hague, you can see this oil rig 12 km away:

Read the article - posted 2013-11-20

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